Myths of online dating


Are online dating myths ruining your love life?

Some facts

  • Online dating isn’t just convenient, it offers you the ability to interact with far more people than you’d ever be able to in real life.
  • Today, nearly half of us know someone who uses online dating or has met his or her significant other through an app or dating service. Rather than giving into these online dating myths, the best thing you can do is give it a try, see what happens, and trust your gut if you’re worried about anything.
  • Previous dating was limited to your personal social network. Online dating opens your horizon and meet people you would never have met.
  • Don’t feel weird because you dating online – its only weird because you making it weird!
  • The concept of meeting your special someone in real life is starting to seem more and more far-fetched. The phrase “online dating” is almost redundant
  • The computers have won. More people are finding love online than through actual people. In 2014, only 25% of singles met their last date through a friend, while 32% met through a dating
  • The percentage of people who are using online dating servicesis constantly growing. If you think that online dating is a last resort for the lonely, think again.
  • A lot of people feel unsure about using online dating services. Some think it’s dangerous, while others think that only desperate people search for partners online. Technology is so prevalent in society that people from all walks of life use it to meet people with similar interests.
  • Online dating allows people to browse partners from their own homes. Compare that with meetings at bars or parties, where people might have a few drinks in when the flirting starts (studies show that alcohol use increases the risk of sexual assault).
  • Despite becoming a more normal way for daters to connect in recent years, online dating still has a negative connotation to some.


Yes, it’s true; people do lie on their online dating profiles. But, the things they’re lying about are things people exaggerate in the real world too: age, height, weight, income and physical build.

Of course, some may lie about it, as the idea of creating more desirable online persona than you really are is quite suggestive, but to say that the majority of online daters lie is ultimately a false claim.

We have online tools that will assist you to verify who you are communicating with without revealing your personal contact details.


Unfortunately some devious individuals have created websites with the intention to “rob” users. This is done by making it near impossible to cancel your subscription! 

One of the biggest dating myths is that all online dating services are scam. Definitely a lot of people became victims of online swindlers, but it is delusional to believe that there are sites that were designed for online scammers. Not a single site guarantees that you won't become an online scam victim, but there is a way to feel safer – stick with the reputable services, where you can report suspicious accounts. Also, never give your personal information to a chat mate that you haven't met offline.


Just like using online banking – always use your best judgment! Never share financial information.

Be wary of smooth talkers and demands. Take your time. Don’t be lured into opening URL’s you don’t know.

Don’t share personal information. Make your first date safe. Beware of online scams.